Anthony T. Adams, Sr., CPM, CMCA
Tony is the visionary for TCMG and focuses primarily on company growth, developing leadership within the company and has final authority for all corporate decisions.

Vice – President 

Thelma K. Adams
She works along with her husband, Tony, and is primarily engaged in the day-to-day operations of the business. She is responsible for evaluating and upgrading TCMG systems, developing strategic marketing plans and public relation campaigns. She serves as liaison between Board members, homeowners and staff to ensure quality customer service. She is also responsible for personnel, training and staffing.



Property Services Manager

The Property Services Manager manages the day-to-day function of a portfolio of properties and possesses the expertise in the practical areas of property management, with an in-depth knowledge of property maintenance and construction-related issues.

Assistant Property Service Manager

The Assistant Property Services Manager is responsible for community budgets, coupons, taxes, audits, insurance claims and any special property related issues. They are also responsible for providing support and consultation to community Board members, as well as handling day-to-day requests and job orders from homeowners, vendors, and contractors.


Project Manager

The Project Manager manages all community on-site operations. They provide support and consultation to community Board members in addition to handling all day-to-day requests and job orders from homeowners, vendors, and contractors. They work along side the staff in the Property Services Department. The Project Manager also facilitates the oversight of any maintenance or capital improvement projects. They are responsible for overseeing vendors and contractors, and evaluating work performed, in addition to writing requests for proposals and proposal analysis.


Client Services Specialist

The Client Service Specialist is our client’s primary contact within the office. They are responsible for providing support to Board members, in addition to handling all day-to-day requests and work orders from homeowners, vendors, and contractors.



Collections Manager

The Collections Manager directs the collections department and supervises the collections department personnel. The Collections Manager is responsible for evaluating collection procedures and supervises workflow to ensure a low delinquency rate for each community. In addition, the Collection Manager coordinates special collection initiatives with the Association’s attorneys.


Collections Coordinators

The Collections Coordinators oversee the collection process including, managing Homeowner accounts, preparing collection letters, liens and handling account dispute resolutions.


Director of Accounting

The Corporate Accountant manages the process and preparation of client financial statements and audits. They supervise the accounting department personnel and implement new and efficient accounting systems. The Director of Accounting is also responsible for analyzing the accuracy and proficiency of accounting models and processes, and manages the collection programs within TCMG.

AP/AR Coordinators

The AP/AR Coordinators process all property contractor/vendor invoices. Produces weekly check runs for payment of all property invoices. Inputs daily cash receipts and provides research for any problem areas. They also produce special reports on expenditures and any other accounts payable issues.




Transition Coordinator

The Transition Coordinator is responsible for assisting in all community transitions, tax record (SDAT) verifications, developing community database and reviewing community documents. They also assist the President and Vice President with special projects.


Property Services Assistant

The Property Services Assistant’s duties include providing administrative and clerical support to the property service department. They work closely with project managers and act as a liaison between the office and the field staff.


Office Assistant

The Office Assistant manages incoming calls, greets guest and is responsible for assisting with the day-to-day tasks of running the TCMG office.