TCMG Formed a partnership with two other companies and we have a new name

IKO Community Management





TCMG Offers Levels of Services to Match Your Community Needs


Complement of Services


1. Property Management Services

TCMG takes a tailored approach to servicing each client. We realize your community is unique, therefore, we offer three levels of property management services to fit each client’s specific needs.
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2. Pre- and Post-Development Transitions

3. Property Management Consultation

TCMG’s experienced professionals are available to provide on-demand consultation to communities on a contract or non-contract basis.


4. Community and Financial Restoration

TCMG specializes in restoring the appearance and financial health to communities that are challenged.


5. Architectural Control Services

The Architectural Control Services program is designed to provide guidance, expertise, and compliance control in support of Associations’ efforts to maintain the architectural integrity and real estate value of the property through the adherence to uniform design standards and policies. Download and print the application for architectural change here.
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6. In House Collections Program

TCMG’s Collection System is unique, our in-house collections department closely monitors homeowners’ accounts, allowing us to help keep you apprised of your community’s financial health.


7. Board of Directors’ Training

This client-centered, Board of Directors Training provides a strong foundation for Board members to gain knowledge of their roles, duties and instructions on how best to maintain harmony within their communities. The training also equips community Boards with the necessary tools to function at its optimum potential.
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