Architectural Control Programs

The Architectural Control Services Program is designed to provide guidance, expertise, and compliance control in support of Associations’ efforts to maintain the architectural integrity and real estate value of the property through the adherence of uniform design standards and policies. Download and print the application for architectural change here.


The TCMG Inspector performs architectural control inspection of homes, lawns, permanent structures and common areas of the Homeowners’ Association. Inspections include:


  1. The identification of architectural violations such as the installation of non-approved structures — fences, decks, additions, mailboxes;
  2. The need for repairs to property—missing or damaged siding, gutters, shutters, wood framing; or
  3. The need for routine maintenance—grass mowing, painting, power washing.
  4.  TCMG offers services that are uniquely tailored to fit the overall goals and needs of your community.